Diego Mouro’s artistic production has, as central focus, the rescue of his ancestry. His works represent the respect and honor to his ancestors’ histories that, at some point, were left behind, but now have the chance to be celebrated, changed and preserved through his paintings.

Inspired by his indigenous and african heritage, Mouro’s works encourage the meeting of traditional symbols and elements from both cultures, that get mixed in a strong and categorical way, but at the same time with lightness and poetry.

Influenced by traditional, street and contemporary art, the artist discusses the full impermanence state of being and of things. His works blend realism and unfinished sketches that translate the essence of everything we are: perfect and incomplete in our wholeness.

Diego Mouro lives and works in São Paulo. His murals are present in several Brazilian cities, such as Natal (Rio Grande do Norte), Salvador (Bahia) and Sao Paulo. Mouro’s works have been part of group exhibitions in national institutions such as Red Bull Station (2018) and apArt Gallery (2017), both in Sao Paulo. Mouro has also taken part in internacional exhibitions, such as “Confluences”, at Espace d’art Contemporain Le Grape 27, in Paris, France (2017).


2ª Bienal do Ouvidor 63 | Redbull Station | São Paulo, Brasil;

Sarau Visual do Carnaval | Centro Cultural Ouvidor 63 | São Paulo, Brasil;

4ª Playfair | Gama Crea Gallery | Cidade do México, México;

Claúsura Tránsito | Group Exibition | Cidade do México, México;

3ª Playfair | Galeria Gama Crea | Cidade do México, México;

Cofluences | Espace d’art Contemporain Le Grape 27 | Paris, France;

Mistura | apArt Gallery | São Paulo, Brazil;